Corned Beef Recipes

Whether you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, hosting a family get-together, or simply preparing a homey Sunday supper, we've got a corned beef recipe for you. Everything from casseroles to crock pots, from sandwiches to salads—there is a corned beef recipe worth celebrating.

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About Corned Beef:

Despite common thought, corned beef is not a traditional Irish dish! Its origins did come from Ireland, however, in the 17th and 18th centuries when Irish peasants exported the meat to British naval fleets and American armies. Since the Irish were too poor themselves to afford to eat the expensive beef, they were more accustomed to eating pork and chicken.

By the 20th century, corned beef has become a household dish for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, as we honor Irish heritage and cuisine. The term corned refers to the process of curing meats with large coarse salts—a process that has been keeping meats fresh for hundreds of years in modern civilization.

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